NUDURA offers an Insulated Concrete Forms course in an easy to use online setting that allows Architects and design professionals to earn Continuing Education credits 24 hours a day.

AEC Daily, a leader in distance learning, has over 370 online courses approved by a multitude of associations and regulatory bodies from all areas of the AEC industry including the AIA, RAIC, CSLA, OAA, CSI, USGBC and many more; from specifiers, interior and building designers, landscape architects, and engineers to building managers and constructors. The majority of the courses are free of charge and all courses are available 24/7.

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NUDURA is a registered provider for AIA learning units. NUDURA Integrated Building Technology has created a variety of Insulated Concrete Forms - ICF courses to keep you up-to-date with changing industry standards for a variety of building types. NUDURA is a registered provider with the AIA Continuing Education System. Currently registered AIA Continuing Education programs that qualify for credits and Learning Units (LU) are shown below for all of our insulated concrete form icf programs.

AIA Training Courses

  • 0704 An introduction to Insulated Concrete Forms-ICF

  • 0705 General Commercial Buildings with Insulated Concrete Forms-ICF

  • 0706 Multi-Storey Buildings – Overview with Insulated Concrete Forms

  • 0707 Building Educational Facilities Insulated Concrete Forms-ICF

  • 0708 Hospitality Facilities – Building with Insulated Concrete Forms

  • 0709 Medical Facilities Overview with Insulated Concrete Forms

  • 211111 NUDURA One Day Insulated Concrete Forms – ICF Training course

Preview of the AIA Presentation 0704
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