Fast, Cost-effective, Eco-friendly


Increase productivity without increasing overheads

Imagine increasing your productivity without needing to employ additional tradesmen… Brook Kerith can show you how to dramatically cut time on site, use less storage space, fewer specialised tradesmen and typically less than 1% waste. This means you can increase the amount of work you take on without increasing overheads.

Using Nudua ICF forms is incredibly simple. Instead of traditional block and brick methods, you build the structure using our polystyrene panels. These lightweight panels stack up and lock together in minutes, are then steel reinforced and filled with concrete. Any curve, angle or arch can be erected in moments, and all the windows and doorways have special panels. The innovative locking mechanism eliminates the need for float and compression and the need to wire forms. Nudura also provides a waterproof membrane and bracing to complete the building process.

  • Space saving: ICF panels occupy dramatically less space on site than traditional materials

  • Transport saving: Our Patented Hinged Web allows Nudura ICF Products to be shipped flat, allowing for 40% more product on a truck compared to other ICF Form products. Simply unfold and stack

  • Faster building: Nudura Standard Forms are the largest standard Insulated Concrete Form in the industry, allowing the placement of 12 square feet of wall area in one building step

  • Lightweight: Our ICF panels can be carried across site effortlessly

  • Cost-effective labour: ICF installation does not require skilled tradesmen

  • Eco Friendly: Made from recyled materials, less than 1% waste and small carbon footprint

Design and Finishes

When building with Nudura Insulated Concrete Forms, any type of building design and style can be achieved. Internally, plasterboard can be used in exactly the same way as traditional building methods. Nudura exterior finish options are virtually limitless.

Whether you’re looking for a traditional brick building, New England style wooden cladded home, clean render or something entirely different, Nudura structures can accommodate all kinds of brick, cladding, render, stone, timber or combination finishes.


When it comes to the interior, comfort and style are at the top of everyone’s list. Interior finishes are no different to those used by traditional building methods. Interior finishes are easily applied or attached directly to Nudura using our unique fixing points located on 200mm centres.


Nudura offers limitless design capabilities when designing your next home or structure. Innovative architectural shapes are easily achieved with Nudura Insulating Concrete Formwork. A variety of shapes are available from Nudura to meet any building requirement. Factory custom cut radius forms, 45° and 90° forms allow the home or structure to be built the way it was envisioned.


Whatever the design calls for, arches, bay windows or specific door styles are easily incorporated into a Nudura structure. With Nudura, speciality products are not required, eliminating the need for architects to have to specify speciality products. Nudura can be designed and built with windows and doors that are used in traditional home construction, ensuring your costs are kept in line.