How to build your dream “green” home

If you are in the market to build your new home from the ground up, then you are in an advantageous position of being able to choose all the materials to make up your dream home. Owners have the unique opportunity to research the latest advanced technologies for home construction to ensure they are building the most durable, healthy, energy-efficient and least wasteful house possible.

According to experts, the first step is to create a green home checklist for the latest energy-efficient technology in walls, windows, siding, drainage, solar power, water management, ventilation, plumbing, heating, and cooling systems, said Keven Rector at NUDURA, a leading name in the insulated concrete forms technology (ICF) which is setting the tone for today’s focus on eco-friendly development.

Rector advises to be sure to include in the checklist the most insulated building envelope and for this he recommends the latest advancement in wall construction with reinforced concrete. 

“Our ICF system creates an envelope of superior strength, continuous insulation, conservation and energy efficiency,” added Rector. “It provides tighter construction and stronger insulation as the walls conserve heating and cooling energy in a much more efficient manner than traditional wooden-frame walls. Subsequently, monthly energy consumption bills are considerably reduced.”

How does it work?

At the construction site, the insulated concrete forms lock together, like Lego and the waste remaining is recyclable making it a sustainable building solution. 

Once the ICF system is interlocked it creates one monolithic wall with a thickness from 10 to 30 centimetres. This immediately gives your house better wind and fire protection, better sound resistance, improved temperature control, healthier indoor air without the toxicities related to wood and many additional occupant comforts. As a result, that you get a stronger and “greener” house but with a warm inviting and healthy atmosphere. 

Beauty paired with functionality

With the eco-friendly and health benefits taken care of you can now focus on the equally important aesthetics and beauty of your dream home inside and out.  Rector added that a concrete home can take advantage of all the exterior design elements of a traditional home, stone, brick, wood and vinyl siding among others. “On the inside beautiful architectural shapes like slopes, arches, bay windows and specific doors can easily be achieved for a spectacular design,” he added. Building your home’s walls with concrete is an option that needs to be decided and requested at the outset in order to plan ahead.

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Buildings are now being constructed to a new standard, and that standard is Net-Zero. Net-Zero structures built with Insulated Concrete Forms maximize the use of on-site renewable energy, thereby producing more energy than they consume over the course of a year. Insulated Concrete Forms | ICF play a critical role in allowing a Net-Zero structure to maximize its use of energy.

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