Building green starts with Nudura

With increased load shedding, we need to make the most of building technology so we can better heat and cool our buildings. Nudura Insulated Concrete Forms provide maximum comfort and energy solutions for your entire project, providing Performance Values up to R-50 resulting in energy savings of up to 70%, when compared to traditional wood building methods.

The superior Performance Value of Nudura comes from the stable thermal mass that the concrete provides. Nudura offers form sizes that provide a solid concrete core of up to 12” (304 mm), providing you maximum energy efficiency, strength and comfort.

  • Nudura forms are made from expanded polystyrene foam. Nudura’s unique folding web system is manufactured from 100% recycled propylene and steel

  • Nudura ICF constructions typically produce 1% waste, sending less waste to our landfills

  • All waste is 100% recyclable

  • Due to high energy efficiency in buildings utilising Nudura, fewer fossil fuels are required to heat structures. This significantly reduces carbon emissions, and thus, your carbon footprint

Comfort and Safety

  • Nudura offers superior performance in thermal bridging, which results in even temperatures throughout the structure, with reduced drafts and cold spots

  • Due to greater insulation and thermal mass, Nudura forms act as a sound barrier, which reduces unwanted outside noise significantly more than traditional building methods

  • Nudura forms are mould resistant, which improves air quality and reduces risk of respiratory illness.

  • Steel reinforced concrete is at the core of Nudura forms, which is encased in a non-toxic fire retardant expanded polystyrene foam. When finished, this provides a fire protection rating of 4 hours.

  • By their nature, Nudura walls are flood resistant, have great impact resistance and are wind resistant to 250mph.